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The Fake News Epidemic in Health

Very few, if any, areas in medicineand its practiceare absolute. But plenty of sound data existsif you can find itto help you make the best decisions. The problem is, many people choose the wrong options based on misinformation, or they continue to uphold erroneous beliefs and biased opinions, accepted as dogma, despite irrefutable evidence to the contrary. The explosion of health-related information leads to misinterpretation, and Americans have a tendency to trust and relate to people with […]

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An Anti-Aging Pundit Solves a Decades-Old Math Problem

In 1950 Edward Nelson, then a student at the University of Chicago, asked the kind of deceptively simple question that can give mathematicians fits for decades. Imagine, he said, a graph—a collection of points connected by lines. Ensure that all of the lines are exactly the same length, and that everything lies on the plane. Now color all the points, ensuring that no two connected points have the same color. Nelson asked: What is the smallest number […]

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