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Can Botox Ease Teeth Grinding?

After repeatedly waking up with throbbing, overwhelming headaches accompanied by a tight jaw, sore neck, and feeling like Id barely slept, I discovered a culprit: I was grinding my teeth, whats medically referred to as bruxism. This clenching of teeth most often happens overnight in the early stages of sleep, according to the American Sleep Association, which reports that about 10 percent of Americans have it. Bruxism is basically when your muscles that you chew with, they […]

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What Exactly Do Face Fillers Do? Why Courteney Cox Says She Regrets Getting Them

Courteney Cox recently revealed in a recent interview with that she regrets trying to avoid the natural process of aging by letting Hollywood’s impossible beauty standards get to her. #CourtneyCox has face fillers dissolved after friend said she’s had enough work done. Has a friend ever said u went too far? #EverybodyTalks The Talk (@TheTalkCBS) June 22, 2017   Courteney opened up about the pressure women face of always having their looks put first, Hollywood this […]

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